The Ealing Club CIC Mug

The Ealing Club CIC Mug

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The Ealing Club Mug is emblazoned with two plaques that demonstrate just some of Ealing Borough's Rock 'n' Roll credentials.

The Ealing Club Blue Plaque commemorates Blues Incorporated's first ever gig held at the Ealing Club on the 12th March 1962. This key moment in Music History is hailed by many as the beginning the British R & B Movement (the template for British Rock Music).

The mug also displays the Marshall Plaque located in Hanwell High Street where the story of Marshall Amplication and the development of the ' Sound of Loud' in West London began. 

Profits from the sales of these items will be ploughed back into LIVE MUSIC events and Heritage initiatives that continue to highlight some of the great 'Rock 'n' Roll Roots of Ealing Borough.